How to make money from youtube || how to start and make money from a youtube channel

Make money from YouTube :- YouTube is a very popular platform. You can become famous on youtube But do you know you can make a lot of money from youtube? if you don't know about YouTube money don't worry I'm here In today's time many people are earning millions of money through YouTube.
How to make money from Youtube

Hello everyone I'm an anonymous blogger. Today I'm talking about how to make money from YouTube. It is easy to earn money from YouTube but not as much as you are thinking, in today's time there has been a lot of competition on YouTube.

Let's know about how to earn money from youtube. Let us understand in detail how you can earn money from YouTube. youtube has become a very good platform for making money. 

how to make money from youtube videos

Hello everyone I'm an anonymous blogger,
Today I'm talking about how to make money from YouTube. As I am a blogger you most of the people ask me how can we make easy money from youtube?
Today I am going to tell you how you can earn money from youtube. The first question is what you need to make money from youtube. Hmmm
Interesting question let's explain if you have an Android device,  email account, and one more important thing. you need some skill for making a video.  And you can make money from YouTube. 

how to make money on youtube with zero subscribers

When you publish a video to YouTube. Now you need an audience. But how to increase viewership on your channel. YouTube is not as easy as you understand YouTube.You have to publish videos daily to increase viewership only then viewers will come to your channel. If you publish videos on YouTube every day, then your audience will increase.

You need to publish videos every day that your audience wants to see. If you publish this type of video then your channel will grow 100%.

But one important piece of information for you is that your videos observe with all YouTube programming policies.

When you archived 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours and you can apply for the YouTube partners program. Now you can able for make money from YouTube.

What is the YouTube partners program 

Okay, now it's time for talking about the YouTube partner program. What is the YouTube partner program?
If you understand in simple words, YouTube Partner Program is a program through which you can earn money from YouTube. You can earn revenue from your YouTube channel through YouTube Partner Program. But how to know if we are eligible for the youtube partner program or not. 

Okay, To earn money from youtube you have to upload videos on youtube and you have to get 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours time then you will be ready for youtube partner program policy.
You can archive 4000 of hour in 12 hour, and 1000 subscribe. 
If you bring 4000 hours and 1000 subscriber to your channel in 12 months and you follow the program policy of youtube then you can earn money from your youtube channel. And you can apply for YouTube partner program. 

When you apply for YouTube partner program Jo channel in review after few time youtube partner program check your YouTube channel then monetize your channel
When you submit your YouTube channel for monetization, your channel is thoroughly vetted under the YouTube Partner Program policy. You will start earning money from your YouTube channel. If your channel is against the program policy of YouTube then you cannot earn money from your channel.
And if everything goes well on your stage then your channel will be monitored and you will start earning money from your YouTube channel.

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